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RADIUS unplugged

Over the weekend, Perri and I performed a new piece at Seattle’s “Arts in Nature Festival.” As is usual in Seattle, this site-specific piece was performed in a steady rain, but fortunately for us, our venue was inside a large geodesic dome in the center of a meadow. While the rain kept the number of […]

the RADIUS of fourstones

In RADiUS, Perri Lynch and I massage field recordings into electronic collages, live. To accomplish the live resampling part of this process, I use Ableton Live. It has a wonderfully simple user interface that is geared towards performing musicians who use samples, rather than towards engineers who think that forcing musicians to think like engineers […]

RADIUS roxs the chapel

Perri Lynch and I collaborate in making electronic ambient music from field recordings under the name RADIUS. Our newest efforts will be heard 19 July at the Chapel Performance Space – for this concert, we will be using field recording made by Perri all over the world as the raw material. As Perri creates a […]