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blurbing in America

In Cappella Romana, one of the ensembles that I sing with regularly, we have always been fiercely proud of the review that once branded us “hopelessly arcane,” and then went on to praise the performance so described.

It is in this vein that I cannot resist linking to Steven Levy’s great profile of Neal Stephenson at Wired, in order to capture the short blurb that it contains for my music:

“to the untrained ear it sounds like the neo-Gregorian chanting that accompanies ritual baby sacrifice in horror films”

Adding this to Al Billings’ “weird shit” and Cory Doctorow’s “spooky” and I’m starting to think a horror film soundtrack should be my next project. I’ve always loved performing vocal special effects for horror movies and singing on their over-the-top scores, so why not?

Just for the record, there are plenty of rituals and many kinds of sacrifice in Anathem, but none of them involve babies. Not in that way, at least.