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equal parts installation, performance, and ritual

A paper by Turing[Post updated for those seeking event details.]

The Turing installation will go live at 7PM on Friday, 22 June, 2012 and the short concert will begin around 8PM. There is a dedicated page on this blog where you can get many more details on the event. I am using that page to track collaboration progress and to post some of the interesting material that I am working with.

As it says there: “AM Turing: Automatic Elegy is a ritualized performance set within a biographically-focused art installation. The installation will contain artifacts from Turing’s life, arranged as a series of small altars, and the performance itself will include spoken word, music, visual images, and movement, all based upon three central mathematical and philosophical structures from Turing’s own mind: the Turing machine, the Turing test, and Turing patterns. Although the music, visual images, and choreography that occur as part of the ritual can be fully enjoyed without previous knowledge of Turing’s intellectual output, the pieces will nonetheless directly reflect his work on the Riemann hypothesis, on algorithms, on cryptanalysis, on group theory, on digital quantization, on x-ray crystallography, on logic, and on mathematical biology.”