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am turing: automatic elegy

turing installation and concertOur June 22nd performance and installation was a success, and audience reactions were very gratifying. I will edit video excerpts and post at some point, but in the meantime, besides posting a few photos of the event, I want to credit members of the cast and those who provided artistic input. Thank you all. This piece could never have happened without you!

geoff shilling weaving

Fiber artist Geoff Shilling, who was weaving the state machine in the room at the event, also wove the large portrait of Turing and built the chalkboards that made up the set. This job was immense, and he did it in less than 3 months, without complaint.

puzzles by beth glosten
Beth Glosten, who played the bouncer at the door, chalked many of the boards, wrote the 13 scavenger hunt clues, and stage managed the production. (If that weren’t enough, she also provided valuable input and moral support at home as the piece came into focus.)

Perri Lynch, who helped run the house at the event, provided 8 beautiful chalkboards based on details of the zeta calculator blueprint and also gave me valuable basic crash course in chalkboard marking techniques.

David Krueger, Erika Chang, Linda Strandberg, Markdavin Obenza, and Josh Haberman sang beautifully, and Dean Moore contributed percussion that was both sensitive to the context and appropriately unusual. All six of them also performed whatever strange stage actions I requested without complaint. (David Krueger and Erika Chang also helped immensely by contributing muscle to setup and teardown.)

Jim Bennett as the Prof
Jim Bennett played the Prof perfectly, gave much input on the piece along the way, and then, to top it off, humped the set in and out of the building along with Geoff, David, and myself.

the tape of turing's life

Finally, thanks to John Forsen for his videography talents, Audrey Guidi for her photographic ones, and to Steve Peters and the Wayward Music Series for providing such a perfect venue for this piece.

The set, when broken down, fits on two shipping pallets. Where should we perform this piece next? Bletchley Park, do you copy?