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Thrown for a Loop Cast Credits

Performing Thrown for a Loop at Strange Loop 2013 was a blast, and on behalf of the entire cast, I’d like to thank people for so many positive reactions and interesting conversations after the show. Since there was no printed program, I thought I’d use this post to provide cast credits and production acknowledgements. The script was written by David and Mike Stutz, the music for brass quintet and electronics composed/arranged by David Stutz (standing on the shoulders of JS Bach, Herb Alpert, and others), and choreography created by Katrina Amerine. The music was performed masterfully by St. Louis’ very own Gateway Brass Quintet.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • The Computer, David Stutz
  • Lunatico, Mike Stutz
  • The Goddess, Katrina Amerine
  • The Ringmaster, Rob Adler


mike_stutzMike Stutz has been the Artistic Director of Hoffenrich Productions for the last 20 years. Mike has written, directed and performed in, around or near the theater, dance, performance art, television and film for a whole lotta shows.  You may have heard of a few, you probably haven’t heard of most, but that’s okay.  He’s had a really good time doing it. Highlights include singing at Carnegie Hall, dancing in many of the grand theaters of Europe and directing a television series based at the Friars Club of Beverly Hills that co-starred both Phyllis Diller and rapper Lil’ Bow Wow.  Yeah, it was weird.  He is thrilled to partner up with his very talented and much much older brother David on Thrown For A Loop.

katrina_amerine2Katrina Amerine is a talented aerialist who also performs ballet and modern dance on a regular basis. She appears frequently with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Nancy Evans Dance Theater.

rob_adlerRob Adler is an award winning actor and director based in Los Angeles.  He has been seen on stages and screens large and small in NY, Chicago, Los Angeles and all over the world.  Rob also coaches actors, directors and executives, you can read more at

Thanks and Production Credits

Thanks to Alex Miller for approaching me with the original idea for this show, and then stepping back to be supportive while we created something totally experimental. This was a rare opportunity!

Cathy King was our assistant director and fixer – thanks for everything, Cathy! Thanks also to Rachel Bowman for coaching and additional choreography, to Byron Au Yong for reading early drafts of the script and providing valuable insights, and to Felix Gerzel, Jack Romaker, and David Krueger for their vocal talents.

As a bonus, there were five video cameras rolling during the performance, and so I imagine that after we get edits done, we should have a good record of the performance! Stay tuned for details on that.