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quaternion actions: the Amazon comes to Burien

The Burien/Interim Arts Space is an installation space by and for the current DIY/guerrilla generation. As far as I can tell, Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson, the project’s artist-instigators, sidled up to the city of Burien (directly next door to SeaTac airport) and said “hey, if you’re not using that empty city block, do you […]

why I am jonesing for M4L

I’m excited about the ambient electronic constructions that I’m currently working on, which combine projective geometry with beautiful field recordings that my friend and collaborator Perri Lynch captured in the Amazon rain forest six weeks ago. A finite projective plane with 31 points and 31 lines provides structure for the virtual space that I am […]

the RADIUS of fourstones

In RADiUS, Perri Lynch and I massage field recordings into electronic collages, live. To accomplish the live resampling part of this process, I use Ableton Live. It has a wonderfully simple user interface that is geared towards performing musicians who use samples, rather than towards engineers who think that forcing musicians to think like engineers […]

RADIUS roxs the chapel

Perri Lynch and I collaborate in making electronic ambient music from field recordings under the name RADIUS. Our newest efforts will be heard 19 July at the Chapel Performance Space – for this concert, we will be using field recording made by Perri all over the world as the raw material. As Perri creates a […]