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quaternion actions: the Amazon comes to Burien

The Burien/Interim Arts Space is an installation space by and for the current DIY/guerrilla generation. As far as I can tell, Kathy Justin and Dane Johnson, the project’s artist-instigators, sidled up to the city of Burien (directly next door to SeaTac airport) and said “hey, if you’re not using that empty city block, do you […]

constructing a square with circles

The picture to the right is a simple but beautiful Mascheroni construction which results in the points for the unit square. (You can see lines for 2 sides of this square in the drawing.) Melissa Plagemann and Linda Strandberg sang a live musical rendition of this construction at the Anathem launch in San Francisco. A […]

why cellular automata work for music

Several people have suggested that I post about cellular automata and music, since two of the pieces on the IOLET CD, Simple Automata and Sixteen-color Prime-generating Automaton, use one-dimensional cellular automata to provide their underlying structure. The subject has also been in the news with recent blog posts about using two dimensional automata for generative […]

IOLET::Music from the World of Anathem now available

The mysterious cogs of the distribution system have whirred and turned, and the CD for the Anathem music project is now available from CD Baby [] and from the Long Now Foundation. The Internet tubes are also being filled as I post this, and so the album should also be available in digital form through […]

more musical Turing machines

During the Anathem music project, I tried to imagine many different ways that music might be integrated into the daily lives of the avout, not only in the obvious celebratory liturgical uses, but also as a tool for learning, remembering, and computing. One manifestation of this, geometric games for exercising the learning mind, I’ve already […]

Anathem launch and CD availability

The Long Now Foundation hosted the launch event for Anathem on Tuesday evening in San Francisco, and as part of that event, I had the good fortune to present some of the Anathem math-music, live. All of the singers enjoyed having the opportunity to act as avout ambassadors to the event, and we appreciated the […]

mohr mascheroni – math in the music of Anathem

Many people who have heard pieces from the Anathem music project might think that the music is simply a fiction that accompanies the book, and that the science-related titles are a fanciful nod to the plot. As the composer, I certainly hope that the music stands on its own in this way, but for the […]

blurbing in America

In Cappella Romana, one of the ensembles that I sing with regularly, we have always been fiercely proud of the review that once branded us “hopelessly arcane,” and then went on to praise the performance so described. It is in this vein that I cannot resist linking to Steven Levy’s great profile of Neal Stephenson […]

Musical scores used in the Anathem music project

I’ve put together an RSS feed that contains some of the musical scores written for the Anathem music project, some of which didn’t make it to the CD. They are licensed using a Creative Commons “Attribution Non-commercial Share-alike” license, so try them out! (And let me know if you do – I’d love to hear […]

Long Now Foundation to host Anathem launch

The Long Now Foundation in San Francisco has announced that they will hold the book launch for Anathem. This event will include some of the music from IOLET, performed live by a small group of singers.