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Thrown for a Loop: A Carnival of Consciousness

I have been collaborating with my brother Mike on a new performance piece, which will be performed for the first time in September at Alex Miller’s Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. The piece is based on the work of Douglas Hofstadter, and is a romp through some of the concepts presented in his classic […]

more musical Turing machines

During the Anathem music project, I tried to imagine many different ways that music might be integrated into the daily lives of the avout, not only in the obvious celebratory liturgical uses, but also as a tool for learning, remembering, and computing. One manifestation of this, geometric games for exercising the learning mind, I’ve already […]

Kidnapping Bottled Water

I’m singing in the premiere of Byron Au Yong’s epic performance piece “Kidnapping Water: Bottled Operas” and tomorrow is the first day of our site-specific performances. There are 64 different sites involved in this piece – Byron is clearly fearless when it comes to logistics. Each site for this particular incarnation of the piece is […]

Musical scores used in the Anathem music project

I’ve put together an RSS feed that contains some of the musical scores written for the Anathem music project, some of which didn’t make it to the CD. They are licensed using a Creative Commons “Attribution Non-commercial Share-alike” license, so try them out! (And let me know if you do – I’d love to hear […]

Smackdown! Tallis Scholars versus Tudor Choir

OK, maybe it is a little nicer than a smackdown… Every year since 2004, Peter Phillips has brought his Tallis Scholars Summer School to Seattle, and every year the Tudor Choir has been invited to collaborate in producing the opening concert of Renaissance vocal polyphony at St. James Cathedral. Four of the singers from The […]

RADIUS roxs the chapel

Perri Lynch and I collaborate in making electronic ambient music from field recordings under the name RADIUS. Our newest efforts will be heard 19 July at the Chapel Performance Space – for this concert, we will be using field recording made by Perri all over the world as the raw material. As Perri creates a […]

tallis in tacoma

The Tudor Choir trundled off to the Tacoma Art Museum to sing an excellent concert of polyphony by Thomas Tallis last night. The concert was short format – one hour, no intermission – and the repertoire selected was just wonderful. From the opening Loquebantur to the bombastic Missa Puer Natus to my personal favorite Suscipe […]

Mascheroni Circles

Here is my latest piece of “math music”: a geometry proof, turned into a puzzle, that is set as music for one or more players. One player starts with the first circle, and the others join in, cooperating to find a way to sing or play all 22 circles. The rules for the game are […]