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thrown for a loop video now available

The video of our September performance of Thrown for a Loop is now available on Vimeo! Thanks again to Alex Miller, without whom this piece would not exist. And thanks also to Doug Hofstadter, whose work has inspired so many people! I’ll also take this opportunity to post a few of the fantastic photos that Mike […]

Thrown for a Loop Cast Credits

Performing Thrown for a Loop at Strange Loop 2013 was a blast, and on behalf of the entire cast, I’d like to thank people for so many positive reactions and interesting conversations after the show. Since there was no printed program, I thought I’d use this post to provide cast credits and production acknowledgements. The […]

Workshopping Thrown for a Loop

My brother Mike and I, along with the talented Rob Adler, had a very successful three days of workshopping the new script in Venice Beach at the Electric Lodge. We were working out kinks in the dialog, developing characters, and creating  a gesture vocabulary for a show that is beginning to feel like experimental theater […]

Thrown for a Loop: A Carnival of Consciousness

I have been collaborating with my brother Mike on a new performance piece, which will be performed for the first time in September at Alex Miller’s Strange Loop conference in St. Louis. The piece is based on the work of Douglas Hofstadter, and is a romp through some of the concepts presented in his classic […]