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am turing: automatic elegy

Our June 22nd performance and installation was a success, and audience reactions were very gratifying. I will edit video excerpts and post at some point, but in the meantime, besides posting a few photos of the event, I want to credit members of the cast and those who provided artistic input. Thank you all. This […]

turing among the machines

One of the defining characteristics of Alan Turing was his pairing of supremely abstract thinking with a very real-world interest in the nuts and bolts of machines. He enjoyed hands-on physics, chemistry, and biology experiments his entire life, and had already begun his life-long adventures with computing machines with analog devices when he recognized and […]

the weaving commences

While I’ve been slacking off, Geoff Shilling has fortunately remained busy, continuing to fabricate wooden pieces for the installation. He’s now starting on the woven pieces, including a rendering of the famous portrait shown in this post. Look carefully at the characters that he is using for the half-toning; they will be familiar to anyone […]