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More like the FAQ...


An Alan Turing tribute? Rly?

Alan Turing is my people. So much so that I've created an art installation and accompanying concert in honor of his 100th birthday.

Do you speak Italian?

Not very fluently, but apparently I read it well enough to translate university textbooks! (And I do understand programming languages like MaxMSP pretty well...)

What the hell is IOLET?

The Orth word for "music," of course. Would you like to order a copy of the CD?

Where is that Microsoft commoditization essay?

This short essay caused quite a stir when I released it in 2003. It may be why you've come to this site?

Here are other related notes, new essays on the historical context of commodification and software platforms, as well as one on current business models, and one on patents, that discuss the interface between the traditional software business and the open source movement.

Why did you think that "Shared Source CLI Essentials" was a good title for a book?

I tried to get our editors at O'Reilly to give this book a name that would make its profound truth more obvious, but they just wouldn't budge.

What is a synthesist? ("Synthetist" for the anglophiles among us...)

A practitioner of the Hegelian arts? A musical computerista? A disciple of the alchemy of wine yeasts and cheese molds? A mathematical musician? All of the them, of course.

A synthesist seeks debate and sees likeness in things that appear to be not like each other. The cur enjoys acting the devil's advocate to "challenge underlying assumptions." Well-versed in mixing the base compounds of sample, waveform, and filter, in order to transmute them into music, a synthesist creates, ex-nihilo, but is also a student of history and the complexity wrought by elevage. As you see, there is also a healthy aliquot of BS associated with this synthesist thing.

What is

A mixture of many things, most of them related to a private melange of notes, words, grapes, and bits.

By this point, you should be convinced that there is nothing to see here. Move right along. Better yet, read our book, or listen to some of our music!

Disclaimer: The blogs hide elsewhere.

OK, if you're after the blogs, I've got both wine and music-oriented blogs going on this site.

This site is David Stutz' personal website. If you need to contact him, david dot stutz at gmail will work. A short musical CV, musical bio, and a technical bio are here, if that is what you are after.

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Last modified: 13 June 2013